In honor of the OITNB (Orange is The New Black) Funfetti wedding that happened last week, I compiled a list of ways to incorporate some COLOR into your parties this spring and summer.

CAKEA Different Kind of Funfetti Cake

When someone mentions the word ‘FUNFETTI’, for most people, an image of that classic Pillsbury Funfetti box comes to mind. Well here is a twist on the old favorite!


BALLOONSRainbow Balloons

Ok, so doing balloon art installations has become one of my favorite ways to add flair and a whimsical touch. I love how these colors aren’t quite following a specific pattern, but still someone structured – genius!

CENTERPIECESDIY Rainbow Centerpieces

We live in a world of DIY! Although I believe that most projects should be limited to the home, this is one I am happy to incorporate into my guests’ tabletops.

SEATINGGetting Silly With the Seating

Make a bold statement with colorful chairs. For a more pocket friendly alternative to the chairs below, use colorful plastic chair or chair covers.

FLATWAREMulti Colored Flatware

These colorful utensils are unconventional and I love it.

TABLETOP – Colorific Tabletop Accents

The table setting below incorporates alternating color napkins, brightly colored goblets and beautiful spring flowers.  Get funky with your tabletop details!

WALL DÉCORColorful Photo Wall

This idea is a wonderful way to showcase personal photographs. This surely would double as a conversation piece as well!